Monday, April 2, 2012

Who uses Nerf Bullets?

It appears I do. The Kill Teams game went off well and everyone seemed like they had a good time. The above pic was of the buildings as they were being packed up to be taken to Chuck's Gaming. I had sprayed them and wanted the table to really give a gritty city feel and I think it looked good. I spent about a week in total working on my personal terrain and the stuff I sprayed for Chucks. It went pretty quick but I had a ton to do .. I started playing around with weathering with the air brush, used GW Boltgun Silver Spray, then brass, gold, Rust, and Black .. It was worth it though, I'm really happy with the way the terrain came out.

 I was so busy setting up the missions and assigning people their enemies that I totally forgot to take any pictures of the game. Thankfully my friend Sean from took some which I stole and added below.

I had a great time even though I couldn't wound anything to save my life. I'd hit and then roll a 1 or 2 .. my first five rolls of the game were as follows ..  1,1,1,1,2 ..  go me! All I did was stop Herb from Sapping his mission building over and over .. That was my big contribution to the game. haha But I had a good time even if I was armed with Nerf Bullets ..  Was cool to see targets change as the game went on and to see some people just trying to kill or survive and others going for their missions ..

Here's a link to the rules I created if anyone wants to take a look at them...
Kill Team Rules

Pics I stole from Sean .. This is the Table setup ..

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