Monday, April 9, 2012

My Armour is like 10 fold shields..

I worked a bit more on the Dusk Wolves Land Raider this weekend. I blacked up the treads and other bits then dry brushed them with bolt gun to get them started. I also added rust, gold and then dry brushed yellow gold over the eagles on  the doors. The most time consuming part so far has been the weathering. I started on the LRs left side and used some thinner and started to rub some areas free of the paint then added bolt gun to the edges and then stippled the areas around edges. So far I only have the left side started. It's going to take a lot more but I at least got it started.

I also built up the hurricane bolters and added the washers for the magnets..


  1. I have to say you make painting vehicles look easy. I know the airbrush makes a lot of difference but I've learned it's a lot different than painting guys. I repainted my speeders 3 times this weekend until I finally have something I can live with. They've been frustrating me for months. Nice job.

  2. Thanks man.. 8) The Air Brush really helps with the base layers. I always hated painting tanks before it because of how long it takes to get a smooth even coat. Now I can rock that pain out quick and move on the details. 8) With a brush it just takes a lot of watered down layers to keep it smooth and get the color where it should be .. But where I've saved time with the air brush I've added with rubbing it, stippling it and then applying powders haha..