Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Cleaning ..

I've been frustrated lately trying to figure out how I want to organize my painting area. I have a bit of OCD so I want it to be organized with no clutter or mess (the pic above is a mess as I'm still moving stuff around but it's getting close). I built the paint rack to get that in order but I think I might have to build something more. I have so many containers of different styles and types but it seems that no single one works. So now I'm in the process of re organizing again, thankfully most of the stuff is off the floor now.

But while I was moving stuff around I put together a few minis. Not too much, Just some mini's I've had and have been wanting to paint.

An old Tech Marine, trying to figure out what left arm to give him.
And I'm going to be Astorath's JP for Lemartes .. I'm going to Magnetize it so I can swap peeps out.


  1. The need to clean and organise you hobby area is something I can totally relate to. I'm in the unfortunate scenario where I don't have a permanent space, so everything has to be neatly stowed away so I can set up and strip down my work area each time I want to do some hobby.

  2. I hear ya .. my second kid is on the way so I'll be losing my room soon. haha .. what can you do. 8)