Friday, April 27, 2012

We'll get it there ..

I've seen a few people build these on the net and I made one for the Kill Team game I ran. I wanted to make more but the first one though easy to build was annoying to remove the glue. I made it from an old display board I had, it was double sided corrugated that I peeled one side off. But it left glue attached to the center section that was impossible to completely remove. I scraped and sanded it off, but there was still some left over. So I just went with the one until I could get some single sided corrugated which was a huge help. I used card stock to make the edges. Last night I cut enough sections to make three of them. I have two mostly together. Once I have all of them build I"ll probably make a Blood Angel template as well .. to represent for my boys 8)

If you want the sizes

4 sides .. 10" x 4"
1 end 4" x 4"
2 doors 2" x 4" (I haven't made the doors for the new ones as I might make them a bit different)
I made foam board supports to hold it and it's shape.

I'm going to have one have a hole blown in it and I want to make at least one have working doors which I will use plasticard to create.

Here's a pic of it on the table. Once I have more they will be a big part of the next Kill Team game. I want to make a maze of sorts out of them.

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