Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Don't shoot the guy with the big sign..

Last night I worked on building up some more Dusk Wolves. I wanted to get the wolf standard guys built up, finished up three more guys as well as Green Stuffed a few other minis.

The first hunter I've been thinking about for awhile, I really wanted to have a guy with the scout combat blade, it has a very cool look to me. So went with a hand on the blade and him getting ready to draw it.

The next two are the Standard Bearers, right now they are just pinned but not glued so I can paint them. The one looks a little crooked in the pic but with no glue it's a bit loose.

The First SB is holding a combat knife ready to stab any sucker that gets too closer. I like the look but I'm also wondering if I should have twisted the wrist and flipped the knife. Too late now as it's glued haha .. but can't help thinking that.

This guy is rocking both his bolter and his BP, pouring out a ton of lead. Also has a Combat Blade strapped to his back. I have all the special troops I wanted to make. I only need to finish out the standard bolter wielding hunters.

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