Thursday, April 5, 2012

Throwing the stones..

Last night I worked more on the converted Seer and Jain Zar models. It was mainly work with some green stuff and chopping what I didn't need. For the Seer I went with a Banshee arm and green stuffed a sleeve. I also added a rune chest to him and blended in the sleeve. I also added a dropped sleeve to the other arm. The head is from a Seer with Staff, I had to bore out the neck a bit. Still need to blend in the chest to the belt area and work on the arm a little. He's coming along,. still needs a bit more modeling before I start the paint.

For the Jain Zar Conversion I fixed her head/neck which was a pain. I had to take my Dremel to the mini to get the main section cropped down. After I fixed the head I add some GS to fill in the gaps and join some sections. I'll have to make a neck guard around the rear of the hear and still work on some hair areas. Her arm won't be attached until the body is painted...

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