Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kicking names and taking asses ..

I got the final 2 of the 10 man squad built up last night. I'm still trying to figure a way to have a slung bolter on this guy. I took one and was playing with it but the strap isn't long enough to look right. Depending on my mood he'll either get a pistol strapped or I'll GS a strap for the bolter. I chopped a Halberd from a GK and attached it to a chainsword hilt. Used Bezerker Legs and a DA backpack with the sword chopped and covered with the banner.

The happy with the next guy's pose .. I feel he has a good bit of motion. He's rocking a Bezerker's chainsword and chest. Has DC legs, BA metal pad and FW bolter..  but that FW bolter is taking forever to actually glue for some reason. I had to use blu tack to hold it over night. Resin seems to glue so slow for me ..

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