Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crush the Greenskins..

I've always liked the Crimson Fists, the color combo of blue and maroon goes together well. I finished the book Rynn's World a month or so ago and really enjoyed it. Unlike a lot a of Space Marine books the Crimson Fists stayed pretty consistent, not going from Gods to Idiots in the turn of a page. The Fists fought hard but in overwhelming numbers they did fall. Though through the use of intelligence and skill hold, making it believable.
I've had the Kantor model for awhile and decided to paint him up. a good change up. I have a bunch of extra stuff I won't be using on other projects, like a Speeder Storm and Scouts so they will be CFs. I have an old Dread that I'm going to use as well. It won't be a big force but I think it should look cool.

So far just some blue blends and the added maroon.

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