Friday, March 30, 2012

Nothing leaves here alive..

This place smelled of suffering and death. It had once been a thriving city of humans, now it was a ruined festering hole of twisted metal and scrap. The devourer had come to this world and the ensuing battle had ravaged the entire surface of the planet. The fates were against the humans from the beginning of the conflict and their chances of survival against such ravenous numbers were slim. Knowing their end was near their leaders chose cleansing flames over being infested and devoured.  They scorched their own world, taking the invader with them. Unfortunately the destruction of the planet’s surface revealed a hidden danger, a bunker buried under the Spurion Mountain range. It had been sealed thousands of human years ago and what it contained was unknown but its origin wasn’t hard to ascertain. The taint of the warp was strong here, whatever was contained inside the bunker the great enemy also resided within.

The Seers had foreseen dark events coming to pass, events that would affect the entire sector of space for years to come. That was why he was sent here, Phideous and his band of Pathfinders had been closest to the planet. They had to stop the bunker from being disturbed, whatever the cost. The future is ever in flux but the Seers had detected the threads of many races converging on this planet. All seeking the power that resided within the bunker, its whispers reaching far and wide.

They were accompanied by Sorelin and his Scorpion Aspect Warriors. This was to be a mission of stealth and the Shrine of the Deadly Blade was up for the challenge.  They could move almost as silently as the Pathfinders but in their aspect armour which was quite impressive. Even now the Scorpions were moving through the ruins getting into position. He couldn’t see them but he knew they were there, he switched on his optic overlay and checked that all the members of his band were in place. That was the first time he had moved in a quarter cycle. He was perched on a ruined balcony hidden in the shadows of a pile of rubble that had once been a statue of their ravaged emperor.  From here he had watched them all arriving, the humans moving through the rubble trying to be silent. And to most ears they were. The Orks had arrived next and they were far from quite, they came for salvage and slaughter. Not knowing or caring of the greater importance of this former settlement.

Sorelin broke the stillness with a message over the comm net “We have found an entrance to the bunker.” He paused for a second “It appears some of our wayward kin are arriving as well.” Phideous turned to face the Scorpions direction. A bluish purple light appeared and then quickly faded. It drew the attention of some others as well and they started moving toward the light. “You have incoming foes Sorelin, melt into the shadows.” Phideous replied as he brought his rifle scope to his eye. Humans and Orks rounded the corner opening fire and catching one of the fallen as he tried to make for an alley entrance. With their target dead the humans and orks fired into each other’s ranks. An ork on the second floor of a nearby building was lining up his missile launcher on a green armored human. Before the greenskin could fire Phideous lightly tapped his rifles trigger taking its brainless head from its shoulders. That would keep the fight even, the orks and humans would end each other.

A few moments later a voice whispered “You shouldn’t have fired you weapon Xeno , it betrayed you location." It was in rough human speech “A mistake”. Phideous didn’t make any movements other than to reply in kind “Human, your mistake was in thinking you had to come to me undetected.” The next sound was the soft purr of Wraithbone teeth gliding over their guide rail, then silence. Tear’el, the Scorpion that had laid in wait in the shadows of the room attached to the balcony took the human’s head off clean in a wide leaping arc. She completed her spin and caught the human’s body guiding it down to the ground silently. “Tear’el it appears it is time to move on.” More humans were converging on this building but all they would find is silence and shadows.

Sorry for the wall of Text .. but this is the little narrative I wrote up for the Kill Team Event this Sunday .. I finished up the last Pathfinder and look a few pictures of him and his Squad and Team.. 


  1. Good read but I added my ending.

    "As they move from their cover across a make shift bridge leading to a ruined Imperial office, they are forced to dive for cover. The bridge colapses and a blast of heat blisters armor.

    Before they can react, the impact from from miniture plasma grenades collide against the Eldar disorienting them. They don't suffer long from the effect of the grenades as the Wytches descend on their kin."

    See you Sunday...

    1. Dog pile on the Eldar!! Sons of Nocturne will be in that pit of death as well.

  2. @ Sean - Well I'm sure that's what your peeps drug addled minds though happened right before they died. 8)

    Matt if you read the story I was saving one of your guys from Orks hahaha.. 8)

  3. I read that at work and must have missed that line. "saving" is for the weak. I kill anybody who tries to save me.

  4. Haha. Well I was only saving u so u and the orks could kill each other off more evenly 8)