Friday, March 2, 2012

State of the art destructive capabilities..

I started to put some paint on the Dusk Wolves Land Raider. I also got the sponsons magnetized so I can switch them out. I'm going to buy the LAS sprue so I can swap it out for a God Hammer as well, the Hurricane Bolter sponsons were damaged when I got the kit so my friend at Chuck's Comics called his guy who is hopefully going to replace it (one of the bolter racks was missing a bolter).

Here's the picture of the magnet action.

I glued a washer on the back of each sponson and made a spacer out of plastic tubing but anything could be used. I measured it out to be 3 3/8", hopefully that should be the same for all LRs I'd think .. but don't quote me 8) .. best to make it a little longer and then trim it back, that's pretty much what I did.

I was using the Talon again for this but was getting annoyed with it so I just stopped .. the badger tip should be here today so I'll just wait and finish it with the preferred brush.

The Dusk Wolves Motor Pool is getting larger ..