Friday, July 19, 2013

Tide Breaker

Last night I played my friend Josh who ran his Orks so I could get a test game in against a Horde style army. He ran a huge Green Tide force and when he was putting it on the table I was getting worried. I wasn't sure I was going to have enough shots haha..  sadly I didn't take pictures. I was paying attention to what I as doing and then some friends stopped up and I ended up BS'n too.. 8)

It went to about turn three and then we called it. The game was tipped in my favor and it was getting late, we started about an hour late so we needed to wrap it up.

Wave Serpents
These guys are really brutal gunships. The ignore cover is nice but the pinning is always very nice as well. He had two large groups of Lootas which I pretty much removed from being a factor by pinning them each turn. The first turn was Night Fighting and that actually helped me, I kept the core of my army out of range so only one squad of Lootas would be a factor. I concentrated on that squad taking it almost completely out but main factor was I pinned it. Then I moved over to a  large squad of boys and pumped the rest of my fire into it. Pinning it as well. We were playing the Relic Mission from Nova so my goal was to keep pinning as much as I could to slow his progress to the Relic. He had so many boys if he got to the relic I wouldn't be getting it back haha. But I moved up and was just pouring fire into his boys to hold them back, I had enough fire to whittle them down. That's really what I wanted to know, and the Serpents Average 10 TL 6+Str shots per turn. That's a lot of fire. I also tested it against one of his Flyers and took it out with a nice Pen. Against AV 10 or 11 they will be decent flyer killers.

Dark Reapers
These guys did well this game, I gave them Starshots as well and the Ex has an EML so they also have pinning. Against higher Ldr armies it won't be as useful but still nice for some of the other armies. They rained down fire on the other group of Lootas and dropped some bombs on his first Flyer taking it down. The Flyer then crashed and killed 9 grots. When guided these guys are just plain mean. Against Mech Armies they should do well also, dropping Str8 bombs or blasting power armor with their AP3. The ignore jinks is also a nice and useful ability.

War Walkers
The Walkers did pretty decent as well, they were burning down Orks left and right. Not as many shots as a twin ScatLas but the AP2 will be nice against other armies. Their rate of fire is still very nice and was greatly effective. I was guiding them as well, yeah they would get Laser Lock but since I was running twin Seers on bikes I had an extra guide to spare.

On other notes the twin Seers on Bikes worked well. I was thinking about taking Tele Psy on one but since I was playing Orks I didn't think that would be as useful so just went Double Fate. I had doubles of everything sadly haha.. Guide, Doom, Mind War but I mainly was using guide with Doom on his Flyer when it came in range. If I can get them converted and done before Nova I'm going to go this route. Either way it was a cool test and I appreciate Josh running his Orks for the test. So far I'm happy with the list and will continue with my initial ideas. It will now come down to time 8)

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