Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Last night I worked some more on the Spiders. They are inching toward done. I wanted to knock out the head designs so that was the main thing I concentrated on. I made up a few drawings to figure out what I wanted them to look like.
Started by making a template so I could quickly draw the eyes over it and the back as well. Next will be the back design.
Some I liked some I quite liked and I didn't hate any of it .. (well maybe the Kiss guy). And that even translated to some of the models haha.. only a few are bothering me. I tried a few web designs on the head but I think it's too much going on. So then I just kept the designs small. I also liked them on one side more then both. One ended up looking way too Kiss like for me and I'll be changing that one for sure haha..

I also worked on the chest gems and some purple details as well as the green gun chamber. All in all I'd say they are getting close to being done. I need to paint the back design and then start finishing up the small details plus some clean up.

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