Monday, July 1, 2013

They're getting away in the Water Moccasin..

Saturday night I got in another test game, my friend Josh played his Daemons and ran a list that was big Daemon heavy. A Blood Thrister and four Winged Daemon Princes plus a Hell Drake. I figured I'd write up what I thought about some of the units I fielded. Here's what I ran:

Total Roster Cost: 1849

HQ: Farseer
   1 Farseer, 120 pts = + Eldar Jetbike + Singing Spear
      1 The Spirit Stone of Anath'lan

Warlock Council
   1 Warlock Council
      1 Warlock, + Eldar Jetbike

Troops: Dire Avengers
   10 Dire Avengers
      1 Wave Serpent, + Holo-Fields + TL Scatter Lasers + Shuriken Cannon

Troops: Dire Avengers
   10 Dire Avengers
      1 Wave Serpent, + Holo-Fields + TL Scatter Lasers + Shuriken Cannon

Troops: Dire Avengers
   6 Dire Avengers
       1 Wave Serpent, + Holo-Fields + TL Scatter Lasers + Shuriken Cannon

Troops: Windrider Jetbike Squad
   8 Windrider Jetbike Squad

Fast Attack: Warp Spiders
   10 Warp Spiders

Heavy Support: War Walker Squadron
   1 War Walker Squadron
      1 War Walker, + Scatter Laser + Starcannon
      1 War Walker, + Scatter Laser + Starcannon
      1 War Walker, + Scatter Laser + Starcannon

Heavy Support: Dark Reapers
   5 Dark Reapers + Reaper Launcher (Starshot)
      1 Dark Reaper Exarch + Eldar Missile Launcher + Flakk Missiles + Fast Shot

Aegis Defence Lines
   1 Aegis Defence Lines
      1 Gun Emplacement + Icarus Lascannon

The list did well, I went first so he held his Daemons in reserve to fly in and on those first two turns I wreaked most of his troops. He started with 5 troops, 3 squads of Plague Bearers and 2 squads of Cultists. I wiped out both of the cultist squads and one of the PBs. The other two I took about half of each out. His reserves came in broken up which hurt him and let me keep moving to stay away from him. I took out his Helldrakes gun and blasted the Blood Thirster out of the air. His Princes did get into combat but by that time I was already moving away and grabbing objectives. In the end I took the win 7 to 2, taking two objectives and getting First Blood, Warlord and Line Breaker. He got Warlord and Line Breaker.

Wave Serpent - A+
The main hardcore battle tank of the Eldar that is oh yeah also a transport. This is definitely one of the strongest units in the book. Not for what it is, a transport but as a gunship it excels big time. Josh was hoping to just castle up with the PBs and normally he would have been able to except I was running WS's and with the Serpent Shield ignoring cover I took it to them. He was taking 2+ cover saves against everything thing else losing maybe 1 or 2 but when I fired the SS at him I got 5 shots on the first WS and killed 5. Laser Lock TLing it and with it's high Str wounded all. Now only his 5++ save and fail them all. The SS did well against something that also had a Invul save, against squads that are really relying on cover to dig in will take a serious hurting. There was nothing else shooting at them at first so I was free to just unleash but when stuff came in the Holo fields giving me a 4+ cover was also pretty nice. I think in a Tourney you will see a lot of these on the field as they can do a lot. Can take a lot of fire with a good chance of survival and then can unleash a hail of fire. They can drive units out of cover, they can unload with up to 14 shots at Str 6+ and with the Laser Lock Ability they would even be good at shooting down flyers. With the amount of re-rollable high Str shots they have a good chance you'll do some damage, not to mention ignoring any Jink Cover Saves with the SS. I would like to get one more WS into the list so I might be trimming some fat.

War Walkers - A
These guys can still unleash a ton of fire and now with BS4 they are much better at it. The WW's took out a squad of 10 Cultists per turn. It didn't really help me out this game but taking the Starcannons can really help against heavy armored dude men. So these guys did their jobs very well. The addition of the 5++ save is also very nice, I was charged by a DP and they would survived 3+ CC turns holding the Prince up which is what I needed at that point. So nice to know they can hang for a little bit if need be.

Warlock - D-
This guy did so very little it was terrible but was totally what I expected. He failed his power first turn then next turn he got it off but rolled snakes eyes and died. I totally don't think these guys are worth it for the cost. You ARE going to fail a lot and if you get a perils he's dead. I think this will be some of the fat I removed from the list. So for me sadly more years of the Locks getting no playtime.

Reapers - C+
They did ok but I don't think it was an Army they were going to do all that great against. I really did beef these guys up and that does worry be a bit. It's a total of 6 with Ex and the Ex has the option to hit flyers And gave the Reapers the Str8 option so they can blast vehicles or maybe flyers if guided and the fact they can ignore Jink Saves would also be nice. But the fact these guys will also be manning the Aegis they will be a huge target, not that they wouldn't be already. Which is good in some factors but a lot of points that might be blasted out of existence quickly.

We had a fun game and thankfully I was rolling pretty good so I got some decent data and that was mainly what I wanted to see.

I'm going to get another game in with Josh and he said he'll probably play Orks. I'll get to see how it will do against numbers which may be tougher for the list except if I do drop the Dire Avengers out I'll have a lot of shots but then put some troops at risk.

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