Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I'm walking, yes indeed

Here are the pics of the War Walkers together and quickly blended. I don't like to field anything without at lease some paint on it. So before Saturday's game I got the three Walkers together and blended with some blues.

I start with a dark blue and then start to blend in the lighter shades. I just wanted them to look at least ok until the Magnets get here which they did yesterday.
So now I have everything I need to finish these guys. I think I have a pretty basic idea of what my army will look like I'm preparing to get those things done. Sadly I've had a hectic week and it looks to keep on with the busyness. So I've been getting tired quick and retreating to bed earlier haha... I'm going to need to concentrate on getting all this done with the event coming up in less then two months now.

I did get a little more paint on the Spiders..
It was mostly some small bits but they are inching closer ..

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