Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A web would indicate an arachnoid presence

Last night I actually got in about three hours of painting. But.. sheeesh ..most of it was used working on the web design on the back carapace. I should have just used the one color and moved on but no.. I thought it looked too plain so I started adding other colors. By the time I was done it was four shades of purple and a pink. haha.. so then I realized holy crap just finish it up and move on!

I'm decently happy with them webs, I want them all to be different and to vary from very organized to very chaotic. I looked at a bunch of spider webs and tried to get them as correct as possible but also design them to look pretty cool. When it was one color it was just so flat that I went with layers of brighter purples to make it seem like there was difference in the strands. I also tried to anchor the points of the webs to sections of the carapace that they would attach to, the points of the shell or the bone stone sections. Like spiders actually laid them.
I did get some other stuff done as well. I worked more on the helm designs by adding more color into them. I will have to go back and cut in with some of the bone color to clean a few of the designs that kinda got bigger then I wanted. I was playing around with them and while some did work others looked.. so so.. trim them up a bit and they should be good.

I also painted the purple gems and eyes so they are mostly done. Some of the gems needs more gradient levels, I must have missed those guys when I was going through my assemble line. haha
Either way it's progress and I did get most of the detail work done. I will have to work on the knee pads but most of the work is just the final blends and clean up. I do also need to finish the bone spirit stone things now that I'm thinking about it..

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