Tuesday, July 23, 2013

busy busy busy..

Yesterday was a very busy day for me so didn't really get to check out the interwebs. Last night I did get a couple of hours at the table though. I was thinking of finishing the spiders but was so tired I didn't think fine details would be a good idea. So I just worked on getting more colors on the Dire Avengers. The new ones I just built now match the other, except for one shoulder.
To show the difference between squads I decided one shoulder pad would be a different color. One bone, one purple and the last set having black. This way they will still look the same but also stand out as different on the table.
I swear it feels like nothing is getting done on these guys though haha.. it's a lot of different little colors that need to be added and that takes up time. I'll probably switch back up to the spiders to actually finish them next session. I have the back piece design worked out in my head so I'll be working on that and cleaning them up. It will be nice to have them off the table. Looking at everything on the table gets a brother nervous with the time I have haha.. The Dire Avengers are very far from done so I need to crank it up on them.

While out .. I stopped at the Hobby Shop to pick up stuff for the display board. One thing I need was ....
Too bad train shrubbery is so expensive haha.. I"ll need at least one more bag if not two and they are pretty much 20 bucks each 8\ ..  I'm going to search online today to see if I can fine a cheaper option 8)

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