Monday, July 8, 2013

Manic Monday

This weekend was super hectic so not a lot got completed (mini wise). It was more of mess with a little here, mess with a little more there. I got all the bits together for the Wave Serpent Magnetizing, one is already equipped with Scatter Lasers so there are only three sets waiting. I also will attach a few other bits from the Prism kit to represent Holo-Fields or Spiritstones.
I also got the guns together for the War Walkers, the way they attach I'll have to figure out a decent way to attach them. I'm thinking of trimming off the insert slot and attaching two of the smaller Mags on the gun and the mount. I'll probably cut a piece of plasticard to attach to the mount to cover the opening. I know it will work just want to make sure it looks decent.
I started to spray the Walkers with some black for the shadow but then noticed the Brush needed cleaning (it was spitting). I didn't feel like doing all that so they were put back and I moved on haha.. The little bit of time I had I didn't feel like cleaning.
The only painting I did get done was some more on the spiders. I added some more shadows to the helms as they still seemed too light to me. I also added some lines above the spiders eyes to break up the eggness. I'll still need to touch up with mid tones and then highlight.
I also started a little on the purple blends. Not too much just started some highlights.

So, all over the damn place but I did at least get some stuff done. haha.. Since Battlefoam had it's big 20% off  July 4th weekend I order a Wave Serpent Tray and another Tray for Serpents and War Walkers. The 20% is nice but damn their shipping rates are pretty high. $15 for shipping is a bit high for two foam trays that weigh practically NOTHING!

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