Thursday, July 25, 2013

Easy "Wind" Rider

Yesterday I needed a break from painting and felt like building something. The only thing I still need to build for my list is the Seers on the bikes so I broke out the bits and started working. I was actually pretty amazed how well the new Plastic Seer converted to riding the bike. I'm not saying he's not going to need some green stuff, he most certainly will around the waste and where the back meets the cloak but over all very little chopping and trimming was needed. When the kit came out I wasn't very impressed, yeah it's nice to have a Seer in plastic but he's pretty much in the same pose as every other seer out there. They really should have went out of the box and made a new dynamic pose, maybe make the Seer a woman and it would have been nice to have options for each weapon (Spear, Sword and Staff). A nice mix would be nice. But, the good thing about the kit is there is now a seer model that is easy to convert.

After gluing the torso together I chopped a bit off the bottom of the wraithbone armor and the spiritstones on the back of the belt. Then I drilled it out and pinned the torso.

Next was to line up the pin and drill out the leg section. There is a bit of a gap with the position of the chest to the legs, the Seer is more made to snap fit together so it's not a rounded off ball section that it would normally be. Green stuff (or the putty of your choice) will be needed to fill in the gap for sure.

Next I glued on the left arm and hand and started on the back. I chopped off the feet and the top section of the cloak. I had to file and trim the inside of the cloak to smooth it out.

The back has a bit of a ridge and the cloak can actually be attached right below that ridge, it lines up looking pretty cool. It will also require some putty love, the cloak will have some gaps here and there as neither are even.
I had started to attach the spear arm before the cloak but realized that probably wouldn't be the greatest idea. I removed it until the cloak was attached then glued it on. The hand holding the spear has charms and symbols on it but sadly they are facing the wrong way now so I'll have to trim them off otherwise it will look like he's going in reverse. haha

Next was the head and that pretty much finishes him. I do have some of the bits that I might attach to the bike somewhere to give it more of a Seer vibe.

I had to keep him separated from the bike so I can prime and paint him. On the bike he looks fine but when he's off the bike.

He looks so stubby haha.. the newer models are a bit bigger then the old ones and the jetbike legs are short. The Ghosthelm is also very big and makes it look even more out of balance. But it doesn't really matter, he'll be glued to the bike when he's done so you won't see his stubby little legs much anymore 8) I ordered another Plastic Seer to make my second bike, that guy will need a Witchblade so I'll probably have to use one of the blades from the DA or an Autarch.

Overall I'd say I'm pretty happy with how he's looking and nice to know it's a pretty painless conversion. Tonight I'm going to try to green stuff him if I have some table time.

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