Friday, August 12, 2016

Those that are still loyal..

 Soooo..  now for something completely different. The Wraithblade is done and the flyer I'm calling 99% done...  There are a few other things I've been working on to get done. One of them is the Librarian I made up for my Dusk Wolves. His origin Legion was from The Thousand Sons and while most of his Legion turned he stayed loyal and joined the Dusk Wolves. I wanted to keep his coloring the same as the original 1K Sons but added some Scarabs to his armor. Kind of like how most Librarians are blue and stand out from the rest of their chapter.
 I wanted to play around with NMM on this guy so that's what I'm doing. I had painted him to a decent level before but I wanted finish him up and really try to make the gold look gold. I'm not the amazing at it haha .. it's new for me but that's what I've been wanting to do lately, work on some different techniques.
 He was originally on a different base and boy was that a pain to remove him without destroying him or the paint on him. haha.. But I figured he needed to be on a more impressive base for the comp. He's not glued down yet so I can still work on both easily. He needs some more blending on the golds and bits here and there. The base needs some more work on the skulls and the scarabs... making them look iridescent with the NMM look is really tough. I'm iffy on it.. I've used like 10 colors and still feel like I need more .. 8(

I also had a wonderful powder party..
 I had a ton out to make the blending and weathering I wanted on the building..

But I think it's pretty much complete. I need to make the bit that's going to cover the mount point but that will be it. I'm pretty much done with it .. I mean really .. I'm done haha. It's been a long time off and on .. and I need a break from it. 8) ..

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