Friday, August 26, 2016

I put a ring on it ...

 Nova is on the horizon and I'm in countdown mode.. I'm looking forward to playing and hanging out. I don't get much playing time with the kids so this is my gaming event of the year haha.. I'm getting close finishing up and was thinking about some stuff to give my models a little more pop so I made a couple of base rings. The Wraithblade gets some blue runes which I think goes well.

 For the Librarian I wanted some thing that showed his original Legion so I made a dark red ring with the old 1K Son symbol. It's a little larger then the small black spray/light box so he can't fit inside haha..

 I'm really liking the Librarian's ring and base look.
 I've also been working on the biker chick from Infinity adding more details and blending. I added some glow to the bike and her leg. I think it's coming out looking pretty good. I'm probably going to finish it up this weekend regardless.
 I'm really happy with her hair and some of the black grey blends.
 I'm going to add a little more yellow glow to some areas but very light ... her foot and other parts of the bike that would pick up a little.
 Her goggles need a little love and there are a few other small areas. It's mostly done .. I feel it's pretty solid so have to be happy with it. There are things I think could benefit from more detail but .. that's how I always feel haha
This is the base ring that she'll get..  it appears Infinity bases are a little bit bigger then 40mm ... it's pretty tight to get in there. While trying to fit it the model slipped and was dropped. Infinity models are metal so there was damage, one of the reasons I'm ready to wrap her up.  8)

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