Monday, August 15, 2016

Thats a big ol rock..

 Well.. it's getting closer and closer..  NOVA is almost here and I'm finishing up a bunch of stuff.. and starting some stuff..  haha.. you know .. because I always need more to do. 8) I started on the base for the Dusk Wolf Speeder, I wanted it to be a bit more special then a textured plastic base. So, I started to make this up. My Son dug this rock up out front and I thought hey that looks pretty cool so I'll use that in the display. My Son is now quite pleased and keeps bringing me new rocks haha..  Thanks Bud. There isn't a ton to see yet as it's just the base. I'm going to put down sections of ice and a lot more snow to make it have the full on frozen theme. Sadly when i pulled down my water effects I realized they are out of date. I didn't know that was even a thing. So I ordered more up and I'll be making a few test ice puddles when it arrives. I also made an acrylic surround to boarder the base to make it look extra cool..  I add in some lines of text but I don't think it was really looking right so it will probably just have DW Symbols on it.

 This year I made up a table that will be used for the Mailifaux Torneys at NOVA and this weekend I finished up the last building I needed to get done for it so now I don't have anything that "has" to be done.
 I wanted it to have an old haunted feel so kept the buildings all to a dark look.
 It's the Arcanium so went with the Mystic Symbol on the second floor with some energy leaking out.
Fancy interior wallpaper 8) ..

This year's build up to NOVA has actually been pretty nice..  it's a completely different feeling when you don't have to paint up a ton of stuff for your army or build a complex display. This year I'm taking it easy and mainly working on the stuff for the painting comp. I am making up a smaller display for the Naraitive to have something but it's not going to be as while as normal. A little over two weeks and I think I'm actually in a nice play. I should have all the paint comp stuff done if I keep at the pace I'm going and this week I should have the display stuff cut..  hopefully it keeps progressing well 8) Are you going to NOVA this year? Hows your prep going?

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