Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Dere's somefin back dere

 Hey hey .. The Flyer is almost complete. The building needs a little more detail and weathering but the plane itself is almost 100%. Well at least as far as I can keep working on it. If I didn't cut myself off I'd probably keep messing with it. Just how I am ..  but I need to wrap it up and move on to some of the other stuff I need to get done.
 The rear gunner is done and glued in.. hes ready to start blasting .. I'm pretty happy with the way he came out and I think he's pretty cool.
 Just like the pilot I added a bunch of grime and soot to him. Not as much as the pilot who's is taking more soot to the face. Which I'll be adding some soot to the windshield as well...
 Speaking of the windshields.. they are done and ready to get glued on. They aren't yet as I might have to clear the plane again and dont want to cloud it up.
 I think I'm also scrapping the prop. He'll just be going jet mode, the prop made it more silly then I'd like. While orks are sill I want this to be more of a serious piece.. so I've gone a little more realistic with it with less extreme areas.

Thankfully I'm getting close to wrapping him up and that way I can get on to the other things I want to bring to Nova. I have a few other pieces to bring and for some I got new bases to add to their look. Plus the Dusk Wolf Landspeeder would look cooler with a nice display like base so I want to get that finished up. Haha.. I'm adding more to my plate and I've only got about 2 weeks left..  so .. we'll see what ends up getting done 8)

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