Friday, August 19, 2016

If you don't stand on something, you stand on nothing

 I've been working on the new display board for this years Nova, it's a little scaled down from the last one but I didn't really want to do too much fabricating. I still have a few more mods to make on it and then I'll have to glue it together.
 The color scheme will be the same as my other boards so the bases will blend in 8).. I'm not repainting all my bases. I did that last year and it was way too much haha..
 The acrylic areas will be lit as usual, I ordered the lights today so they should be in by next week and thankfully it won't require to much fishing to run them.I'm using the Warp Vanes and the Void Shield Generator I had already made up so it saved me some time 8)
 I think it's looking pretty cool. I want to start painting it this weekend.
 The final layer of the Still Water was dry so I could start adding the Water Effects with added snow.
 I also added the streaking and some more detail to the Speeder. He's really close to being done.
 I cleaned up the cockpit area and some of the internals. They are what I need to finish up mostly.
I worked on the thrusters a bit but they are bit hard to see in the pictures.

I'm getting pretty close with a bunch of the models I want to take so that's making me feel pretty good. If I keep making solid progress I shouldn't have an issue getting them complete. 8) Before Nova I'll get out my photo box and take some good pictures of all the models. Right now I have to much stuff all over the place so I don't want to add another thing to my space haha

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