Wednesday, August 17, 2016

It's all in the Manscaping ..

 While working on this I feel like I'm working on some kinda of plant display or something .. like I need to add a bonsai tree or something haha..   it's coming along. The still water came in yesterday so I start playing around with which look I should go with. I decided to go with ..  I'll apply a few layers of the still water to get a base and then i'll use the water effects to give the final look. A completely smooth ice surface didn't look real. Brush strokes actually show some effects I think wind would cause.
 I was testing it here and at first was thinking that maybe adding some blue under the water effects would help but it ended up looking fake. A thin layer of ice is clear so I went with just clear. When I brush on the Water Effects I'll be adding in the snow like the above blurry pic haha
 I also added the acrylic surround so I could pour the still water.. The first layer is in there drying now. It'll probably be a few days before it will be ready to apply the snow as the still water seeps into the cork for the first couple of layers.
 I've been working on the skimmer a bit as well too. He's cleared up and ready for some more winter weathering effects. I'm pretty happy with it so far 8) .. I had painted it awhile back when I start messing around with weathering but it looks like clean to me now. So I'll be adding some streaking and other grim.
 The Librarian is almost done .. I added some powders to his feet and bottom of his cloak to show that he's been out walking in the desert terrain. I'll be cleaning that up some and there is a few move red bits I want to blend down and I'm in heavy debate on the BP top rods. I think I need to had some vertical lining to show the metal look but as it's vertical and at a slant I'm really not sure the exact angle. I need to get a machined rod to look at haha..

 I added some more layering on the Scarabs and I still don't like the damn things ..  not really sure where I'm going to go.. it needs something I still think. .. who knows haha
Two weeks to the day and I'll be heading down to NOVA..  whoot..  Still making good progress so good times..

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