Monday, August 6, 2018

Ya load up.. you party..

 The Dread Drop Pod is getting close to being done thankfully.. I haven't been feeling so hot this last week so it's slowed me down some.
 Siph asked if this was the new kit but sadly no.. it's old and as bad as ever haha .. I Mag'd the doors making it slightly better only marginally .. There are still big ol gaps even with a ton of sanding and soaking. I think it's just the way of the kit.
 But so far I'm pretty happy with the look of the pod. I'm going to clean up some rust pods and pretty much down to oil streaking and washes ...
 When I was putting it together I had to pin the spines.. it wasn't going to hold without it. Not it's decently sturdy..
 A shot of the pins..
 Here you can see the back gap as the light is peaking through haha.. oh well.. I don't think there is much more I could have done.
 And here is the Pods passenger .. I had worked on most of him for Dreadtober last year and he's pretty far along. He also needs the oil treatment so I'll be doing them both at the same time (keep you mind out of the gutter!) .. I'm also going to add a little color to the base as I think it got too muddy and I want to refine the claw and reflections/glow.
 The top and bottom will be getting a little soot added as well...
 It's just a little too clean at them moment 8)...
 While waiting for layers to dry on the pod I built up a kit based model to represent Strike
Captain Alvarex. Last year my flyers refused to come into play in a timely manor so I figured I'd up my chances haha
 I mag'd his backpack in case I wanted to use him as something else as well..  I added an antenna to a RG BP..
And also have a Dark Fury JP to go on if needed 8)

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