Monday, August 27, 2018

Nova 2018: Projects complete

 Whelp.. Only a few more days and I'll be off to Nova 2018. Thankfully I've gotten the pieces completed I wanted to bring to Nova this year. I wanted a model for Captain Alvarex, replace my tacticals with Recon models with RG bits, Leviathan Dread and it's Drop Pod and finally the Sicaran I purchased at Nova last year. I'm pretty happy with the way they came together since my move really cut my hobby time and place out of the mix most of this year. Thankfully I worked on the Dread for Dreadtober last year getting it started and also did most of the work on the Sicaran but basically only had about a month to finish the RG Tacs, Alvarex and the Drop Pod.
 The first squad is most in a hunkered down position and are going with white accents on their bases.
 The second squad is up and moving and have the red accents.
 Alvarex is a Praetor with Dark Fury Wings and the PS from the Deathwatch box. I mag'd the backpack so I can swap it to a standard BP but with an antenna. I would have liked to get a little more detailed on him but time was short. I did give him a little sword glow to him and the rocks. I do need to clean up some of the bases a bit more but that is mostly it.
 I'm here suckers and I'm going to bust you up! ha.. I think it makes a cool looking entrance for sure. The Dread will be entered into the Painting Comp and hopefully will at least make finalist.. again my only real aspirations. 8) I added a couple of wear streaks and more soot to the stacks. I think he looks pretty cool ...
 The Dread's ride is all wrapped up and I think it looks decent.. even with Mag'd doors it's still a pain in the butt. I have can not tell you how many times I've picked it up only to have at least one door fly off and go shooting somewhere. So now when it's just sitting there I have a rubber band wrapped around it.
 Done with his annoying transport he's out!
 The Sicaran will also get entered into the Painting Comp.. again just want to get a finalist pin. I think it looks pretty decent as well.
 This year I wasn't able to put much time into display work so I decided to add a lift to the existing display. I was thinking The ship would need a lift to raise or lower vehicles or dudes.. and it made it easier to add something off the front of the existing board.
I love me some lights so figured I also had to add some more. I was watching Bladerunner recently and figured smaller landing patterns would look cool .. so went with rolling lights.. one going clockwise and another going counter CW. Last year I had some marines on the edges of the bunker and was a little so so looking so wanted to add a little more space for people to stand.
With this addition it takes the board to 130 LEDs being powered by 4 UNOs.

Well.. this will probably be my last post before NOVA as tonight I have parent student night and I'm pretty much done all the stuff I really needed finished. I'll be playing in the 30K events for most of the weekend  or walking around. If you see me stop on by and chat ! Looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting some new peoples. I'm ready to roll some dice!

NOVA 2018... BOOM!

Oh yeah,,,.. and Dave sent this to me. Pretty Cool... my Eldar is the first pic that pops up on the left 8)...

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