Thursday, August 2, 2018

Danger Strips are a go..

 As Nova quickly approaches we are now under one month.. yikes. Thankfully the Dread is getting closer to be done. I got the Hazard Strips done on the edges of the doors.. it looks good but man what a pain haha
 I chipped and scratched them a bit.. it's now pretty much ready for weathering oils and enamels. I'll go over it with one more coat of clear then let the weathering being in earnest.
 Added a little more metallic to some bits ..
 The turbine is pretty much done as well. I'm going to make it looks pretty greasy.. hard to see here but did a little heat fatigue on the thrusters.
 Put a red stripe in the base to add a little pop of color.. sadly the reflecting is washing it out in the pic but once the matte is on you'll be able to see it easily.
More metallics on the bottom as well... again the gloss is wonky but I like to have a couple of protective coats before enamels. The next set of pics should be matte and also some or most of it together. I'll probably also weather the bases at the same time.

Nova is coming quick peeps..  get to them tables!

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