Monday, February 6, 2017

I'm not complete

 I got a little more work done on the Dark Fury. Sadly I contracted some horrible Flu type bug this weekend and was pretty wrecked so didn't get as much as I would have liked done. I got a nice start on the claws though and they need a little recess and highlight work but they are close to being done.
 I'll also be adding a little OSL blue to his body but now too much as I have a ton of guys to paint .. these guys will be high table quality with some special attention here or there but I have a lot to do.

 Started working on the backpack and wings a bit but I need to smooth the blends a little more.
 I also did get the other base colors on the rest of the Fury Squad, Mor Deythan Squad and ICs. I want to get one model completely done so I know how I'm going to be working the colors but after that I should start rocking and rolling!
 The final body work is done on the Fire Raptor so I can start the paintjob in earnest. I'm basically just grabbing whatever I feel like messing with when I get to the table. So I never really know what's going to get some paint until I sit down. Progress is progress I suppose.
While in bed and after the worst of the flu had passed I set to getting the rest of the troops started. I de-sprued two Horus Heresy boxes and sorted them in to baggys for easy building. Glue jacks me up pretty bad so I'll probably wait for my head to completely clear up before I start building the rest of the Raven Guard. So far the black hasn't driven me over the edge but I can definitely see that being a thing as I move ahead. The Black - Grey - White blending isn't too exciting haha

Who else picked up their Nova Passes areadly? I jumped in quick as usual and came away with the SuperNOVA. I also picked most of my events.. I'll be playing most of the 30K events and a couple of the Narrative events. I really did enjoy the Narrative last year but I can't take the schedule of playing the whole thing. Last year I felt like I was even more busy and didn't get the chill / BS time I did the year before. This year Sunday will be for painting classes and chilling. No gaming on Sunday..

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