Friday, February 24, 2017

Catch the wind..

 So.. the wings of the Fire Raptor are almost complete. I took them to a very dirty place 8) ..  I added the white stripes I mentioned and chipped and gritted them up. I'm pretty happy with the way they came and out and I think it will add a little extra to the mostly black flyer.
 I gunked up the engines pretty heavy adding some purples and blues to the rear for heat fatigue and brought it down with some streaking, light rust and then soot. I may have a few more fuel stained areas to bring down some of the copper areas but I think they also look decent. I didn't want to do too far just a little splash of color to the engines.

The Raven Guard is truly going to be a test for me. I keep wanting to add things but then have to pull back since I want to keep them very dark to keep with their stealth motif I have to be wary of going too far. I'm in debate about the lights on the wings. I was originally thinking of making them have a glowing looking but that might really be too much so then I'm back to a dim light. I don't know .. still thinking on it haha..

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