Tuesday, February 21, 2017

You can be my wing man any day!..

 Look.. some wings. I've been pretty busy as of late so I haven't had a lot of extra time to hit the painting table but yesterday I did squeeze in an hour or so. I've been working on the Fire Raptor. I thought was done cleaning up some flashing but as I worked on the wings I noticed I missed a section on the fin. I'll need to scrape that down a bit and re-blend. I was in debate about lining the edges. I don't usually do that but with it being black I figured I'd give it a try and see how it looked. When I finished I wasn't really liking it but when I came back later I started to like it more. I do need to clean it up some but over all I think it adds to the look.
 The other side.
 The other wing which I didn't line. It looks cleaner but I think it needs more. I'm going to add a white line to the top of the wing to give it a little more excitement. With these guys I'm in a constant battle of the mind. I want to keep them dark as they are stealthy and the darker more dull and muted makes sense. But! It's boring haha..   That's my battle. I also started working the metal on the engines but they will still need a lot of work. For the engines i'll probably be adding a lot of soot and other weathering to add some interest as again don't want it to be too boring.
The body is also main blended so I'll be going back and lining it as well. I'll be adding a section of white to the front sides as well. It's coming along and I'd like to get it knocked out somewhat soon. NOVA is a good ways off but I have a whole Legion to paint to paint so I want to start much sooner this year. I have the Raven Guard to build, their display board and whatever I'm going to enter into the Capitol Palette.

If anyone is interested we put up a new Kickstarter...   It's Asian Inspired 28mm terrain.

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