Friday, January 27, 2017

A rapping at my Chamber Door

 Hey everyone ... I got a little more work done on the first Raven Guard Fury squad. I want them to have a matte look as they are supposed to be all about stealth so didn't want to go really heavy with highlights. This is still pretty rough as I'm trying to figure out how much is enough and not too much. The backpack doesn't really have much done yet. I might add a little more highlight to the metal sections but also wanted to keep that toned down as a heavy reflection would give them away is a light was shone on them.
 I think they are coming along. I'll sit here and stare at him for awhile to see what I think it needs. It will get some more highlights and some white tips but I do think it needs to be light. Again no real blending on the wing section.
 The bases will be a heavily rusted metal deck, I might ton it back some but I do want it to contrast the heavy dark model.
 Black is such a pain.. haha..  it's a balance to me. I want them to be black not a blended grey so I'm trying to find that happy medium. It really looks black in the pictures but in person the blends are a little more visible.
 I added another layer of putty to the Fire Raptor and started the sanding process. Hopefully this should be the last time I need to haha..

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