Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Coming in tight..

 Got some more work done on the Flyer this week and though the process is slow it continues. I did get the display portion of it done and cut. It's going to look like the top of an Imperial build and the Ork is cutting it tight as he starts his run.
 I put on a few more layers of muck and worked on the verdigris a bit. I also started on the rust streaking but I'll amp it up a little to make it stand out more on certain areas. I'll also be adding more newer rust spots as well. Again I've done a lot but never seems like it to me haha..

 Started dinging up the checks some to make them look a but more aged.
 I started to add color to the engine thrusters but I'll probably need a little more detail added and I'll need to adjust the heat fatigue a little as well.
 I added on the small missles .. I'll be adding the bombs on then I'll be rust streaking the bottom. I had to chop all the bodies down on the missles .. the flaps would hit them if not so now they are a bit shorter and work with the working flaps.
 Here is the display piece. I'll be mounting the wing in the chunked out section of the building to hold it up and make it look like it's swooping past.
 I need to scrouge up some of the bastion pieces or other radio antenna type things to put on top as well as adding the texture paint to make it look rough on the roof areas and show debris on others.
 The building will be a grey with red stripes and the symbols will be a weathered brass / gold.
So far I'm pretty happy with the look but I want to get it done soon..  I have a couple of other things I'm working on for the painting comp so I'd like to have a few things in there. I don't expect to win anything but it's cool to stand there with the rest of the painters and talk about each others pieces. That's been the best part of NOVA the past couple of years!

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