Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Take a little bite..

 A little more work on the Flyer, I finished up the added details. I wanted it to have the WWII look so the icon placement matches and went with the teeth but added a little Orkiness . I added the one giant toof. The teeth and mouth was all free hand and I think it came out looking pretty good, i did chip it but I think that may gave made it look a little worse.. but it is what it is.

 I wanted the tail plates to have the checks and something to mix it up so went with red on some them as well.
 The nose got a few checks as well.
 The other side of the fuselage ..

Thankfully all the added stuff is done so now I'm going to start working on modulation of the colors that are on it now. That is probably going to take me some time to get it complete.Once that's done I'll start working on the other metals and working the rust and probably some verdigris in as well. I'm working on the base it will be mounted on as well but it's mostly lasercut and I'm still working on getting it right.

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