Thursday, June 16, 2016

Check it

 I got a little more work done on the Ork Flyer. I started with the checks on the edges of the wings and started to chip them up. It takes a while to paint them up I tell you haha..  and then you have to start chipping them off. It hurts a bit .. I tell you.
 Next I started working on the Ork Icon which is a mix of airbrush and hand painting. The colors are a bit plain and some a little bright at the moment but I need to get all the other details added in them I'll be going in with some modulation, panel work and then a bunch of streaking.
 I want to have this done before Nova but we'll see.. I really haven't been in a major painting mood and this is taking a long time.
I started designing the building that will serve as the base for the flyer which is anothe layer that is goin to take a bunch of time. haha.. everthing takes a bunch of time. 8)

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