Friday, July 1, 2016

Best laid plans..

 Hey all,.  last night I logged into the Hobby Hangout to get some more painting done and it was a good night hanging out and BS'n about GW and some of the changes that appear to be taking place. While I've been working on the Ork Flyer I've also been working on a Wraithblade.. it's a nice mix up from all the dirty grim and breaks up the painting. So I've been blending this guy for awhile and still have a good bit left to go but he's getting close. His axes still need detailing and there is more blending to do but he's not too far off.
 I have seen a few places on the model that aren't quite right (construction wise) which stinks but it's too late for that now haha..
 I want the blue glow to show and reflect. The glow is coming from the axes, shield and the rear section of the steps. I haven't really done much with the cast light so this is a new method for me.

I wanted him to look like he's looking back like "You want some of this?" ..

 I also worked more on the Flyer and by the end of the night I was a little frustrated which I 'll get to at the end.
 I painted and attached the back section of the engine and really should have joined them together when I painted it. haha .. it took me some time to get the looks to blend together correctly but by the end I think it did come on nice. The engine thrust look still needs work..

 Ok so I worked on the display piece for the Flyer but sadly I'm not really liking the orginal idea I had ..  I don't think it looks right. I don't know but it's pretty irritating since I modeled the plane to look like it's diving and banking so changing it will be tough.

John and Derek both had a couple of good ideas. John's would required a ton of additional work haha and Derek's I really liked .. using a Imperial Knight as the mount .. but I don't really want to use my Knight (still in the box) as the display... money wise it would hurt haha so now I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do. grrr...

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