Monday, August 4, 2014

Titles help..

 This weekend I went away for my birthday so I didn't get much done and this weekend coming up I'll be going away again so I really need to crank some stuff out. Friday night I ran some more lights in the base and got them positioned to light up the center a little better.
 I also glued the top base part of the pillars, the rings are only attached to the second level and keeps the top from going anywhere. It also helps to keep it all aligned. You can see it in these pictures a little bit..  peaking through.
 And last night I worked on the steps and back sections some. I notched the back piece and glued them in place. I also had to sand off all the spare bits of paper, basically just cleaning it all up.
The steps are now Spackled .. here they are drying. Tonight I'll be sanding them smooth and getting ready to mount them to the deck. Once I have them in place I start start to figure out how I'm going to make wall sections and light them. Coming up with ideas is easy... making them all work correctly is not haha..