Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Prime the Cannons..

 Last night when I sat down to get some painting done I really needed to take a break from the display board and the jetbikes I've been working on for weeks now. Since I won't be entering the painting comp at Nova this year (I have too much going on to even think about that) I'll be using my more detailed Wraithknight in the GT. I mag'd his arms and guns but I haven't spent the time finishing them up.
 Since he'll be making an appearance on the battlefield I need to finish up those gun arms. Thinking about it now I also should have worked on the Starcannon barrel as well.. oh well. Anyway.. I've been thinking about what I wanted to paint on the barrels to give them a more interesting look. I ended up going with the same vein look I'll be painting on the displayboard like the one from last year, which by the way I'm thinking of selling. I won't need two and I really don't have the room to store it but it's hard to sell something I put so much work into. I've been toying around with putting it up on eBay for $250 and see how it goes... It would help cover some of the costs of this years display.

 Anyway.. The arms still need a little more touching up and what not but I added the veining to all the smaller bone bits as well.
 Originally I was thinking about mag'n the top bone thing so I could swap out the single for the triple the Suncannon uses but that thing looks nuts so I don't think I'd ever use it anyway haha.. the SC can run a single .. well whatever that thing is anyway.
 I'll have to mask the arms and hit the hands up as they are only primed right now .. the energy vents will also get more love. Right now they are pretty sloppy and need to be cleaned up.

 Painting the guards can be a pain as I was painting them as two pieces so they will need to be touched up some. I will be going back in with the brush to give them the finishing touches.

 This is the basic pose for him with the guns.. lighting wise anyway. Thinking about it I was like it doesn't really matter much. When he's on the shelf just looking cool he'll be rocking sword and shield.. when he's on the table the guns will be facing forward for range 8) haha.. Either way.. was nice to take a break from the same thing I've been working on now for a while. This weekend I'm hoping to knock out most of the large stuff on the cabinet, I'll be adding some molding, handles, the door and it's magnet system but painting in. Still so much to do haha.. makes me feel a little bit crazy when I think about .. so I'm trying not to... 8)