Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Check out the gun show..

 The Wraithknight's Wraithcannons are almost done. I need to go back and finish everything with details by hand. The hands need some of the gunmetal bits painted and the guards need some more work.
 But I cleaned up the energy glow and added some to the vents of the barrels.I was going to add gunmetal to the ends but I didn't think that would actually look that cool so I just added the glow..
 The knuckle areas will get some gunmetal added ..
 I'll be adding in some reflection and purples to the guards.

 I'll also be painting a few of the gems on the arms as well.. just have to figure out which ones I want to work on..

So it hasn't really taken too long and get the Wraithknight ready..  the final touch ups shouldn't be a biggy.. Model wise I need to finish the Jetbike Seer and I want to add some details to the Revenant. Hopefully this weekend I can knock out all the stuff I need to on the display board!