Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Wings of Angels

Got a little wing work started on a Dark Angel Biker and a Blood Angel Sternguard/Tac. It's not a ton but I ended up going out and seeing the second Hobbit movie which was pretty awesome! I highly recommend checking it out. So with limited time I didn't want to get into anything big, I just grabbed these guys and figured I'd start getting the wing sections started. They will require clean up and white highlights but then should be done (wings that is).
With just the light brown base..
And the added bone and black shadows

Then went over to the Blood Angel

Pretty much the same, I wasn't using very many colors just had a little time to get something done. Then was up and off to see The Cheapest of Calamities ,.. 8)

I do want to get some of my Dark Angel bikers finished up, I picked up a ton of them and they have just been sitting. It is a fun army, well I do enjoy them all really but with limited gaming time the Dar typically wins out as they are my Favs and I'm still trying out units and lists. I need to get a game in soon!

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