Friday, January 24, 2014

Blood, dust and grime..

 The Dusk Wolves are pretty much ready for the dirt and grime layers. I finished up most of the details and cleared them, I also got the shoulder symbols on so I can scar them up as well.
 So far they are only cleared and the first coat of light black wash. Next it's going to be a thicker mix of Raw Umber to give them that really grimey look which my Dusk Wolves rock. Their armor is looking very stark white to me right now haha.. I'm use to it looking so dirty.
 I'll probably add on the base textures tonight and let them dry, but it really depends on how much time I have to do what and this weekend is already starting to look busy so I guess we'll see how it goes.
 I'm really all over the place here of late, I want to work on the Wraithknight but also have the urge to get some Dusk Wolf Vehicles done as well. So so all over the place haha
It's such a random selection I grabbed, most of them are heavy weapon guys and one being a Heavy Bolter guy. I really doubt he'll see much table time but hey, looks BA like Blain in Predator,,  I ain't got time bleed.. just F stuff up with this mini gun... ok I added the second part but you know what I mean. That much lead pumping out of a gun has to be brutal..

I'm really wanting to paint another Land Speeder but in debate as to what colors to go with. Really should throw together a Dark Angel one but painting black is so boring to me.. I really need to come up with a look I like so I can knock out some of the DA Bikes I have .. even if they have a rough time of it.

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