Monday, June 10, 2013

Tower, Requesting a fly by..

This weekend I got a good bit of work done at the table. Sadly, I tested a few things on the flyer didn't like them and had to re blend a couple of areas of it. I was painting the vents and was completely on the fence about them, I asked my wife and she said she didn't like it but I don't think she knew what I as going for. Either way I just sprayed over it, I figured if I couldn't tell whether it looked cool or not meant it didn't haha..  Anyway, I wasted at least two hours testing some things and then covering them back up .. I did get most of it done though. I need to add some more white to the lines, I added in some light blue to make it look more of a non consistent light. But some of the areas just look thin to me so I'll probably add more white into the lines.

There are some other small details that I'll work on and I'm going to make a symbol up for them to either put it on the tail fin or a wing. I might also make a kill pattern ratio design to add on to the hull. Just some small details that I think will make it stand out a bit more.
I also need to paint the pilot helms, attach and then. I left them solo so I can give them a bit more detail before I glue them on. I'm probably going to save the detail of the bases till I figure out the army list I'll take to Nova so I can make it up with the display board.

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