Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Now you see me now you don't..

Last night I started working on a Warp Spider trying to figure out how they will end up looking when finished. I'm going with the same main color scheme (as the old spiders) but updating them.
The main thing that I'll be changing is the color of the Spinner. When I built the Nightspinner I changed the color to a bright green/yellow. I think the green goes better with the Spiders and I went with the Red fades for the Prisms.

When done they will all have some sort of web design on their backs like the old spiders. Same for head and knee designs. The original guys were done up in third edition and are showing their age but still look ok enough. The new ones will be blended more and I have a bunch to paint so I need to get going on them. And the bikes and ....

But with these guys being so good I'm really thinking of running two squads of 8. So if that is the case I'll have to buy a few more. Something I really didn't want to do. Either way I think a good start for the new spiders, I'll also be touching up the old ones to match. So now I have 14 Spiders in my possession that need to be done or touched up. Whoot ! Do I buy more? argh.. 8)

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