Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I'll have what he's having. Hemlock, is it?

I got the two flyers together last night. I really do like the look of the new flyers but I think a combo of both looks the best. I really like the dorsal tail section and the engine fins so I've gone with both. I didn't really like the stabilizer looking fins right behind the cockpit. I also used the heavy D-Sy models instead of the bright lances, they just look too cool not too and I think a little glow effect will really make them look awesome. With these I think if you run one you'll have to run two, they'll die so easy you'll want to make people decide if they want to throw fire at them both or at all (and they will typically only have 1 Aegis) and if they do live they will punish. Just sucks that it's 320 points total for something that will usually die in one turn of being on the board haha ...

They are pretty quick to build really.. and smaller in profile then I originally thought they were. Maybe that's a good use of the Wraithknight, to give them cover haha
I would just do sections at a time, working on one while the other dry. They go together pretty easily but I'd suggest using rubber bands for the main body. Front to back they are hard to keep together by hand.

There is a good bit of flash on the wings, fins and spine. Check all the curved areas if you want it to be completely cleaned.

They are completely built and when they were done drying I cleaned all the edges and extra glue. If I get time tonight I'm going to start working on spraying them. I haven't fully decided the color scheme yet but it will follow my basic Eldar Vehicle scheme.
I setup a test game with my friend and hopefully going to test out a few of the new rules and units. It will be more of a test then anything else. I have a few ideas and want to see if they are worthwhile and work.

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