Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Little More Done.

I finished up flocking Dante and he's looking good enough to be done with him. I'd like to work more on those damn wings but they are annoying me. If I go them to the level I'd want them I'd be there for a month. so I mark them GOOD ENOUGH. 8)

One of my friends was playing in a local Tourney and asked to use my Drop Pod. No problem but I didn't want it going to the Tourney looking all blah. So I did a quick session on it to get it respectable for the moment. There hasn't been any real detail on it yet. Just the basics. I'm going to put some hazard strips on the edges of the doors and I'm think about some stencils on the door treads.

And last but not least while working with some blues in my brush I grabbed the Revenant's Legs to start getting them ready. So far just the start of a two color fade.

I wish I had more time and energy haha .. When I do have some time to head to the painting table I'm exhausted and just want to crazy on the couch. Oh well. Hoping to get some more work done on the DC Dread Soon and want to get the Wave Serpent, Falcon and Vypher I've build for my 2K Eldar list. Well the Falcon isn't in it but the original Falcon I have is pretty bad looking. It was the test for what I wanted the tanks to look like and I think I repainted it at least five times till I was happy with my Tronish look ... And I've been painting them that way ten years before Legacy came out! So I was rolling old school ..

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