Thursday, October 13, 2011

DC Dread Legs and Base

Last night I had a free hour so I slipped into my secret lair to paint a little. I jump all around and that can be annoying sometimes, I'd like to finish something and move on but I typically have an urge to paint something and then go off in that direction, until I sit down again and it's all bets off.

I've been wanted to get the DC Dread done as I'm really happy with the mod I made to have him stepping up on the ledge. It's nothing major but makes him a bit more fun then the typical stradle position. Since I wasn't going to be at the table for too long I just started on the base and added some dirt/mud to it. I then moved on to shading the skulls and some of the staff. I still need to figure out some coloring on the staff. Then I moved onto his legs, adding some wear and a bunch of washes to give the metal a more greasey feel. It's still not really there though. Another session on the legs and it should be done.

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