Wednesday, October 19, 2011

He's found the path

Last night a bigger window of painting time opened up then I had expected so I got a good bit done. I was going to work on the Vyper but as I looked on my shelf I realized the Pathfinder I had finished up for a tourney wasn't actually finished. I had forgotten about his backpack and his base was also just brown pretty much. So last night I spent way too much time on a backpack. I think it came out looking good but over an hour of painting it, I don't know why I was so locked into it. Then I got out my flocking and loaded his base up, the Farseer's and the DC Dreads.

The Farseer was also done except for his base. It really didn't need too much but I wanted to add some grass in there to break up all the stone rockyness.

I continued on with the DC Dread and got his base pretty much done. I think I'm going to blend some greys into his toe areas to mute the exposed metal a bit but his bottom half is pretty much complete. I still feel the broken staff needs something. Can't put my finger on it or what I should add but I'm hoping it will pop out to me. Next I started to work on the arm and body a bit. Pretty basic so far, only the base color and some first level washes.

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