Friday, April 7, 2017

So many Marines..

 This week I've been trying to get my list figured out and then build up the infantry I need. So right now on the table is 5 Mor Deythan, 5 man Seeker Squad, 20 Tac and 10 Vets. It's a ton of marines to work through but they need to get done. I've never painting a complete army in a few months time. My Eldar have been ever expanding for numerous years. Alot of my other armies have been half done and then I move onto something else. It's a pretty large task..
I need to add arms, heads and backpacks to 10 of the Tacs but they'll all be built at that point. I may have to make a few more guys to fill some spots but these should be the rest of what I will have to have. Taking me up to

10 - Dark Fury
10 - Mor Deythan (5 w/ Sniper, 5 w/ Combi's)
10 - Vets
5 - Seeker Tac w/ Meltas
20 - Tacs
1 - Apoth

I'm still tweaking the lists here and there as I have a bunch of events to play. The Opening Salvo, The Escalation and the Team event with Greg.

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