Tuesday, April 4, 2017

White hot plasma ..

 Last night I started building up some of the infantry. I worked on the second Mor Deythan squad, they are going to run Plasma heavy. This MD squad will have one round of some heavy fire, the four MD have Combi Plasma and the Shade has a full Plasma Gun. The MD have a special rule that allows them once per game to get TL and Rending. So on that turn it will be popping their one use Combi's to unleash some serious death.
 This squad of MD I used the Vet backpacks to add a little extra panache.
 I was looking through the lists and I'll be going with one squad of Tactical Support squads with all Melta. I'm not going to have a lot of armor popping ranged guns so these guys will be my hope for knocking out heavy armor. It's all or nothing and gives me the feels of Fire Dragons 8) ..  I'll be painting these guys up gun free so I can get the details done on their chest. The MD Plas squad can also have a chance to pop some vehicles but I'm probably looking to go Termie hunting with them.
 I have 10 other dudes started but still haven't figured out what they will be. haha
A pic of the Apoth I've been working on. I need to do a little more work on him then it will be weathering time and work on the power sword.

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