Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hold it up..

 Here are some of the new bases I have been working on. Like I mentioned in the last Wave Serpent post I wanted a much better base to put my skimmers on. I wanted something that was stable but also looked cool so I started working on a laser cut base. I made one with space for the magnets and depending on the tank they will be holding bigger or smaller.
 I thought symbols would look pretty cool on there so I made some on the base and also on the support. Depending on the look I wanted to go for I would switch up the base or support.These are made of birch but the next set I cut will be MDF. I think it will paint a little better and not show any grain. I used spackle on theses to give it the waithbone look.
 This one has the Wave Serpent symbol on it and the marker for being one of the squadron.
 Pictures will a little more light so they stand out more.

 And here they are in just bare wood. I have a few other designs in there as well. I like the Falcon design and will probably be using that for the Falcon I painted recently. I need to make a ton more for my Jetbikes as I want them to all have the same style of base.
Speaking of the JBs here they are with the magnets on. They are also chilling with the Hornets .. right now these are the things I need to work on. Hopefully the needle and tip will be in tonight so I can get some good blending going on!!!