Monday, May 11, 2015

Build it up.. NOVA 2015

So it's coming up on Mid May and NOVA is approaching. I was originally thinking I was just going to be updating some of my models to increase my Painting Score. That is what I was going for and was pretty happy with that. This morning I was emailing with Greg and Evan and we were kind of talking about the same thing. Now I have a new Codex which is going to cause me grief as my army will not be completely different. So now I have to paint a bunch of new things to get them into the list and that is going take up a lot of time.Over the weekend I got in two games VS Greg and I got the feel of the new Dex (or at least the units I used(no Str D)). I know which way I'm leaning, I'm not even looking at anything with the "D" profile. It's not worth it at this point. I don't know what is legal and the rules will keep changing so unless something major happens and I was solid on my painting they are completely off the table.

Right now this is my to do list so far ..

Finish up my converted Wave Serpent (80% done)
Build/Paint/Finish 16 x New Jetbikes
                        2 x Warlocks
                        2 x Seers
                        14 x Scatter Bikes
Touch Up/Update     6 x Fire Dragons w/ Exarch
                                  1 Warp Spider Exarch
                                  7 Dark Reapers w/ Exarch

Modifications to my Display Board

So far that's what I'm looking at .. I know I'm going to change it some but I have a ton I need to get done. There are touch ups I want to do..

I've been working on the bikes but sadly don't have the pictures at the moment. I have a good bit about the bikes to go over but I'll wait till I have the pictures to explain more. I also have the new skimmer bases I've been working on. Laser cutting which I think are coming out looking very cool. There will be more updates more regularly coming up..   I just need to get my butt moving ..  NOVA will be here before we all know it..